Exploring Healing Mechanisms

What are the mechanisms by which a body can return to balance? I’m thinking about this because I’ve been touching people in the way of my training – Body Harmony style – for the last 10 days or so at the Body Harmony International Conference here in Almunecar Spain. As the conference enters its last […]

Inspiration out the blue

In the bath just now I was contemplating the blog that I’d agreed to write for our regular postings to the Body Harmony Association website. Writing about the subject I’d chosen wasn’t flowing easily and struggling with it or forcing it definitely didn’t feel right – not the Body Harmony approach at all! As I […]

Before & After

When you learn how to work with Body Harmony it is a mainly a hands-on experience. In every class you work with your own body and mind-set. Working through different aspects of Body Harmony and with the focus on your own wellbeing. Because of that I am so thrilled to be going to the Body […]

I’m a bit of an oddball

I’m a bit of an oddball. I remember the founder of Body Harmony, Don McFarland, once saying something like ‘…what we focus on expands….’.  At times I’ve wondered what he meant. When I focus on ice cream it just disappears. I am lying on the floor with one knee bent and the sole of my […]

Still time to join us at our annual conference

Body Harmony Association Inc reminds everyone there is still time to enrol and attend what will potentially be a life altering few days of body work. Join us in Almuñecar Andalucia, Spain from May 6th – 15th. No experience is necessary. Just come and revel in the possibilities that will open to you as you […]

Equinox March 2023

Welcome to this Equinox newsletter, when day and night are the same length and the seasons are changing – spring…