Slowing down to navigate the complexities of life with grace and connection

One of my favorite reads is a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a Jungian analyst and author of ‘Women Who Run with The Wolves’, because I can feel the wisdom of her passages soak deeply into my bones as I read them. She emphasizes the idea that being present within one’s self/body is essential for deep understanding and personal growth. That resonates both with Body Harmony principles and with me. 

Reconnecting with body/nature and its wisdom has been the path of greatest ease and peace for many of us. I remember reading about how Clarissa appreciates the body as a metaphor of a ‘magic carpet’ that could transport us to other places and spaces. I love that. That like a ‘magic carpet’, our bodies hold immense potential for transformation and healing. To recognize this ability in ourselves awakens capacity to embrace our magic. I can appreciate the words written by Don McFarland (the founder of Body Harmony), in his book Body Secrets, that he signed for Duncan Hogg back in the 80’s where he wrote ‘Fly Duncan Fly!’ I see it now as an encouragement to embrace this magic ability to transport within to alternative dimensions for greater connection. 

I received this quote yesterday from a recent client who put it very well:

“I was drawn back to memories of early childhood and my utter delight in playing with water. My body became the water and I started to flow and flow out of every pore. I somehow know that bringing this joy back into my present life will change my relationship with the world.” 

The experience of being drawn to another place to bring back treasure that supports your present day and self is so beautifully crafted within us. Another message arrived from my client, “For the first time in my life, I am feeling genuinely good about recognising and putting my own needs first.” Practical, brilliant, and would totally transform their relationship with the world.

One of the pleasures of practicing Body Harmony is the engagement with the extraordinary depth and complexity contained within each individual. It is a fact that your body is not a temple, it is an entire universe. The stars align within you, and the galaxies of your mind and spirit dance together in cosmic harmony. As practitioners, we get to touch up against this within ourselves and within our clients – such a blessing that goes both ways. Just yesterday I exchanged a session with two of my colleagues here at Alaya Verde. My intent for the session was to feel a greater depth of joy for myself, so I stated my intention and walked and talked a little with my companions. And during my session I did experience the loveliest feeling of delight that arose from being met, the experience left me feeling very happy and joyful. I’d been for a carpet ride within and delighted in the rest of the evening, having felt those inner delights. 

We all exist within societal and cultural pressures that often lead us to disconnect from our bodies, yet re-establishing this connection allows for greater ease, intuition and creativity, and most importantly a sense of wholeness. The trick is to recognize when we get enmeshed with rhythms that are not innately ours and to slow ourselves down enough, take a ride within to move with our own notes. The notes that bring joy and make our blood sparkle like champagne!

Embrace the vastness within; you are a universe within yourself. 

Gina Carruthers
BHA teacher and

Body Harmony One Month Retreat

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What to expect:

  • Improved function (breathing, walking, digesting, thinking, sensing)
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  • Increased awareness and mindful observation
  • Increased sense of wellbeing and facility
  • Improved bodywork soft tissue skills and touch development