Body Harmony

code of ethics

Every registered teacher and practitioner of the Body Harmony Association agrees to run their practice in accordance with our BHA Standards of Practice, undertaking to:

  • Honour the BHA Standards of Practice  
  • Be honest in dealing with the public  
  • Not to diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, unless medically qualified to do so  
  • Uphold professional boundaries and safeguards as outlined in Standard V of the BHA Standards of Practice  
  • Refrain from any behaviour that demeans the student or client  
  • Avoid exploiting the trust of others, including clients and students  
  • Recognise that  the working relationship may stimulate sexual feelings, memories, or unresolved issues and refrain from exploiting the client’s vulnerability  
  • Identify and give credit to ideas, techniques, and principles derived from other people, disciplines, and modalities within the field when teaching or sharing them.

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