Giving yourself Body Harmony sessions

A month ago I had a new hip joint put into my body. I experienced it to be quite a big adventure for my body.

At the same time I am ever so grateful for my Body Harmony knowledge.

What a joy it is to have this tool to help my body to heal and to accept the new circumstances.

What I find is especially helpful is softly touching my muscles to help them remember their function. Sometimes just relaxing into this and sometimes working actively with specific muscles supporting them to reconnect with my nervous system.

On the side of my hip is a long scar, 14 centimetres, that loves to be touched in a Body Harmony manner, just the same as I would be touching any of my clients. Each day the scar softens a little bit more and it feels like I am integrating my new body part bit by bit.

Of course it would have been lovely to have a Body Harmony colleague close by support my healing but second best is sometimes good enough, giving yourself sessions.

Eva Willenheimer
BHA teacher and practitioner