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Body Harmony Association?

We are the umbrella organisation for Body Harmony practitioners, teachers and associate members worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting the unique Body Harmony bodywork system and ensuring our members access the highest quality training, events and support. 

All Body Harmony Association (BHA) members must comply with a code of ethics and standards of practice, and undertake to work in alignment with our core values. We are a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in Australia in 2016.

what is a


The BHA is keen to support people wanting to become certified Body Harmony Practitioners and aims to make the process as enjoyable as possible. 

We also aim to create environments of equality, connection, and personal growth. With that in mind any assessment against the following criteria will be approached in a way that asks ‘How can we help you become the Body Harmony Practitioner you want to be?’.

To be certified, applicants must have the approval of three certified BHA teachers who are required to satisfy themselves that the applicant meets all these criteria and has:

  1. Shown a commitment to ongoing learning
  2. Completed sufficient BHA Body Harmony class time — at least 250 hours
  3. Demonstrated proficiency
  4. Demonstrated an understanding of fundamental anatomy
  5. Displayed basic counselling skills
  6. Demonstrated a commitment to joining the BHA.

"This body of our client holds all the answers within. It’s our job to create a physical climate where that body feels safe enough for the sharing of its secrets"

– Don McFarland

what is a


To become a certified BHA Teacher, a certified Practitioner needs to submit a written summary of 500-1,000 words covering training and experience and be able to demonstrate a minimum of 1,000 hours of class time and practice. This can include:

  • 500 hours of formal Body Harmony class time
  • 250 hours in Body Harmony practice
  • 250 hours is relevant work-life experience


All Body Harmony certified Teachers must hold BHA membership and — among other required criteria — demonstrate a commitment to uphold the association’s core values in their work.

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