what is

Body Harmony?

If you pay attention to your body or your feelings you might notice that sometimes you feel good and sometimes you don’t. Body Harmony is about increasing the frequency and quality of your ‘feeling good’ times.

You might also have noticed that your outlook on life or certain situations can feel pretty bad. Body Harmony is also about developing a better outlook.

Maybe you occasionally feel uncomfortable or restricted in your body, like you can’t breathe freely or your back hurts — Body Harmony also helps with this type of situation.

In fact, Body Harmony has the potential to improve your relationship to most things, because it responds directly to your body, and changes to your body can help you see all sorts of things very differently.

For many people it’s not always obvious or apparent how their body is influencing their outlook. It is, though. Body Harmony helps people who are willing to explore how things could be different. This happens by partnering with a Body Harmony practitioner. The Body Harmony practitioner helps by using their skill set in the service of the client’s intentions. This help puts clients in touch with more of their own resources. Which is essentially another way of saying they get to discover what good things are available just under the surface of their immediate awareness. 

One-on-one experiences with a Body Harmony practitioner are commonly referred to as Body Harmony sessions or Body Harmony treatments. In these sessions, the practitioner works to help the client by using a variety of skills including touch, discussion, observations of movement and other tools. Learning to listen well is a fundamental skill any Body Harmony practitioner is required to foster. Clients take these sessions fully clothed and much of a Body Harmony session occurs laying on a massage table.

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