Dissolving the chain of reaction

I learnt so much from being present at our recent International Body Harmony Event, both as a teacher and as a learner.

I feel I have come home with a basket of jewels.

Duncan reminded us about being present in our First Order Experience, as a way to more authentically process the sensory information we are receiving, in order to be a more effective practitioner. The side benefit being to lead a more effective and happier life!

In a nutshell (the size of a planet!) for me this means the moment to moment practice of taking the time to receive myself primarily, from a purely sensory perspective, in the here and now. “How do I feel in my body? What changes do I notice in my physical sensations / temperature / muscle tone / posture / breathing?”

So when I am engaging with a client, or when I am in any situation that requires me to respond authentically (so that’s basically all the time!), taking the time to notice and communicate what I am feeling in my body, and staying with observing just the sensation, take a breath, before I put a label on my experience as good / bad / right / wrong / happy / sad….how about just interesting? And then take another breath before I decide (consciously or unconsciously) how to respond or react.

For me tuning in to my first order experience in this way allows space between 1) sensation, 2) label, & 3) response. It feels like these three stages are like three links in a chain. Very often that chain can become fused, so that unconsciously I have no choice about my response / reaction to the information I am receiving from moment to moment, maybe I am not even aware there ARE three links, as the whole thing happens so fast! If I can stay with my First Order Experience for a moment, a breath, that will allow me to comnsciously choose how I interpret the sensory information I am receiving, and this gives me choice how I respond, thus separating the links in my reaction chain.

I sense that if awareness of First Order Experience can become my regular practice, it will help me stay more centred and true to myself, and less knocked off track by my quick fire unconscious emotional responses to what the world throws at me. Revolutionary in my interpersonal relationships, more authentic and empowering for my clients; and making the world a much safer and less challenging place for me.

Now where did I put those L plates?

BHA teacher and practitioner