Strike a Pose

How our bodies arrange themselves cell by cell can influence our outlook on life. Harmonious cell arrangement can also allow us access to more choice and enhanced well-being.
So how do we know what serves us in our own unique posture? In the way our own body arranges itself?
Body Harmony is a fantastic tool to help try it out. We feel, look, ask, sense, experiment, have fun, laugh, play and stay curious. I love doing this in sessions, at classes, at events. The expanded possibilities and perspective from my changed bodily arrangement improve my experience of life more profoundly than any other modality I have come across.

Pick a posture, feel into how it shifts and changes outlook, emotion and motivation.
What’s your posture of connection? enjoyment? confidence?
Try on the posture of someone you admire, someone you like, someone you’d like to understand more, someone of a different gender.  Adjust it, shift it slightly, relax, move, explore lightly. See if it gives you any information about yourself or how that posture might feel. What would the world look like through that posture?
Book a Body Harmony session and explore with a practitioner for supported connection?

If you sense something supporting you, you could add it to your resource bank. You could also remind yourself to move and change habitual physical patterns to increase fluidity in your fascia and that day’s experience.

Wishing you enjoyable, helpful and transformative explorations.

Fiona Withers
BHA teacher and practitioner