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Body Harmony help?

Body Harmony truly can help you transform your life — whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your physical, emotional, or other challenges.

Your practitioner will not be ticking boxes or working to a prescribed formula when you meet for your first session. Instead, they will listen — in the usual way, but also through gentle touch — to what you and your body are really saying and what makes you unique.

From there, they can help you build true and lasting alignment between your body and mind and so create the healthier, happier, more fulfilled version of you that you are seeking.

As an organisation, the Body Harmony Association is fully committed to inclusivity and you can be confident your practitioner will adhere to the high standards we set throughout your professional relationship with them. 

what does a

session involve?

Most of your session will take place with you lying on a massage table — loose, comfortable clothes are ideal — and your practitioner will start by asking you what you’d like to get from your session.

In other words, what is your intention? They will observe how you stand, and how your body responds when you walk and talk about your intention. What they’ll be looking for — along with posture, alignment, gait, and the movement through your body — is where there is congruence between what you’re saying and your actual body language. 

As you discuss your intention, your Body Harmony practitioner may ask you what physical or emotional sensations you’re tuned into and where you experience those sensations.

You may be asked about the intention you set and how well it does — or doesn’t — sit in your body, and your practitioner may help you refine your wording to better capture what you want to achieve. 

‘Walking your intention’ and exploring how that feels helps you become more aware of the patterns and stories you carry within your body — the issues within your tissues. You’ll become better aware of your own responses and the congruence — or lack of it — between your words and your body.

This offers you greater choice and opens possibilities that you may never have recognised before. This also helps the practitioner identify the best way to proceed with your session.

Ease Pain

Resolves symptoms for deeper physical healing

Find Balance

Clears away trauma for more joyful, authentic living

Reduce Stress

Releases tension for enhanced emotional well-being

Find Clarity

Clears the way for higher vitality and purpose

You will next lie down on the massage table and the practitioner begins the hands-on work.

The hands-on work may take a variety of forms as the practitioner tailors their touch to your unique circumstances. It does not involve any sudden or sharp movements because we are not trying to surprise or trick the body in any way. The work is designed to create an environment of safety where change is easier.   

 Your practitioner will use their touch on different areas of your body to facilitate achieving your goal. Bodies are unique in the way they resolve issues — the Body Harmony touch values and engages this uniqueness which gives the best results.

As well as touch, your practitioner may use a variety of other skills, including discussion, listening, and observations of movement and breath.

At the end of your session, you will be invited to stand up, walk, and experience the results.

This also gives you the opportunity to integrate the changes that have occurred.

Every session is different, however a common experience is one of relief. This can often take the form of a deep sense of relaxation, well-being, clarity, and progress towards your goal. For some clients it also includes an increased awareness which goes far beyond addressing symptoms.

"When something happens to one part of the body, the rest of the body also gets a bit of a makeover"

– Don McFarland

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