Values, vision & mission

We are the professional organisation for Body Harmony Practitioners and Teachers, worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting the unique Body Harmony bodywork system and ensuring our members can access the highest quality training, events, and support. We also offer associate membership to anyone training to become a Body Harmony practitioner or just interested in the association’s goals and values. 

All BHA members must comply with a code of ethics and standards of practice, and undertake to work in alignment with our core principles. We are a legally recognised not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in Queensland, Australia in 2016.  

We operate with full financial transparency and present all annual financial reports to the membership as part of our annual general meetings.

The BHA holds the trademarks for the use of the words ‘Body Harmony’ in the UK, Europe, and Australia. 

The BHA is managed by a committee whose members are elected annually and are committed to maintaining the high standards which inform our values, vision, and mission and guide our processes and strategy.


BHA’s fundamental core values are:

  • Transformation
  • Collaboration
  • Harmony


The BHA vision is to “inspire people globally to listen to their body’s natural intelligence, so creating happier, healthier lives”.


The BHA mission statement is to “bring the benefits of quality transformational bodywork to the world, through a professional organisation that embraces diversity and fosters excellence in its practitioners and teachers”.

Body Harmony's


Dr Don McFarland (1931-2015)

Our founder was Dr Don McFarland who synthesised more than 60 non-traditional forms of healing into a single, unique non-systemic approach to create Body Harmony. 

American-born Dr McFarland was a fully licensed doctor of chiropractic who also used osteopathy in his practice and had studied clinical psychology over many years, holding a BA in the subject.

He was also certified in Rolfing by Ida Rolf, Aston Patterning by Judith Aston, cranial sacral therapy, and he specialised in dance medicine. He studied at the International Sports Medicine Institute with Dr Leroy Perry Jnr, studied Gestalt Therapy with Fritz Perls, and Rosen Therapy with Marion Rosen. He also explored many other traditional and more esoteric physical, energy, and psychic approaches to healing.

Dr McFarland travelled the world to deepen his understanding and in 1985 drew on his deep and extensive credentials as both a healer and a teacher to create Body Harmony. He would always say his experiences and education were merely the ‘prologue’ to founding this dynamic, open system of healing which he went on to introduce to more than 20 countries.

He had begun by questioning why he was using one approach or technique with one person but was drawn to try something different with the next. He eventually understood that it was the client’s body that was directing the session, and not him. Each session was unique and the results were more profound if — rather than following a linear prescribed approach — he listened somatically and responded to the client as an individual.

During the last 20 years of his life, he collaborated with Body Harmony Teachers Gina Carruthers and Duncan Hogg to organise a series of one-month Body Harmony retreats in Australia as well as international conferences held every 18 months at different locations worldwide. 

Dr McFarland died in 2015, the day after finishing his last teaching event at a small international gathering in Carmel, California.


"If you let it, the body will tell you its secrets, and having told them will be free to move on"

– Don McFarland

our current


Our current BHA Management Committee is made up of elected volunteers who share a wealth of Body Harmony experience. Elections take place annually at our annual general meeting, and all Practitioners and Teachers can stand for election and vote.

Serving on our current  Management Committee are…

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Andrea Royen

Body Harmony Teacher | Spain

Andrea has been involved with Body Harmony since 2003. She loves nature and brings her wide experience as business manager, fiscal consultant, translator, and body worker to her practice. She is also a passionate activist and adventurer.

Barbara van Stek

Body Harmony Teacher | Netherlands

Barbara was introduced to Body Harmony in 1991 and has been a Teacher since 2019. She has a background in personal coaching, breathwork, voice dialogue, meditation, insight, and awareness facilitation. She loves exploring interior design, the culinary arts, and the world in all its wondrous aspects.

Brendan Allen

Body Harmony Teacher | Australia

Brendan began exploring Body Harmony in 2004 and was enchanted by the deep wisdom of our bodies and the power of conscious touch. He was certified as a Body Harmony Teacher in 2012. He is also an environmental scientist, west coast swing dancer, and meditator.

Duncan Hogg

Body Harmony Teacher | Australia

Duncan’s involvement with Body Harmony began in 1986 when — as a teenager — he took a class with founder Don McFarland. He has been practising, teaching, promoting, and living the principles ever since. His professional experience also includes business and event management, hospitality, and accommodation integrated with wellbeing.  

Eva Willenheimer

Body Harmony Teacher | Sweden & Spain

Eva met and fell in love with Body Harmony in 1991 and became a Teacher in 2003. Already a physiotherapist, she found what she had been looking for — a way to not only treat the physical body, but also support her clients to become happy and healthy.

Fiona Withers

Body Harmony Teacher | United Kingdom

Fiona has been involved and enchanted with Body Harmony for over 20 years and became a Teacher in 2012.  She has enjoyed exploring and applying the Body Harmony approach in her work in mental health, learning disabilities and prison settings, as well as with her family and friends.

Gina Carruthers

Body Harmony Teacher | Australia

Gina’s association with Body Harmony founder Don McFarland began in 1986 and has continued through teaching, practising and organising events, including the International Body Harmony conferences and the One Month programmes. She’s had a continuum of experience in health improvement, eco-psychology, mindfulness practices, accommodation, and business management.

Kate Verney

Body Harmony Teacher | United Kingdom

Kate has practised Body Harmony since 1996, and taught since 1998. She is a massage therapist, mother and grandmother who values play. A physiotherapist and clown / acrobat / wire walker, she lives beside the South Wales seaside, where she swims throughout the year.

Merula Dowding

Body Harmony Teacher | Australia

Merula has been a Body Harmony Practitioner since 2007, and says her practice balances and enhances her work as an accountant. She loves growing her own food and flowers, and appreciates the calmness, awareness, general curiosity, and gentle language that Body Harmony brings to her life.

Susy Joy

Body Harmony Teacher | United Kingdom

From a background in Siddha meditation, rebirthing, counselling and coaching, Susy discovered Body Harmony in 1990 and was thrilled by how her life transformed. An experienced Practitioner and Teacher, Susy brings clear communication, insight, good humour and down-to-earth common sense to the work she does.