case study

Muscle spasms and joint pain

The client had developed an autoimmune arthritic condition affecting her spine as well as her small joints. Her back would sometimes go into spasm, and she was unable to walk without significant pain.

She was reluctant to continue using strong painkillers, but nothing else — including heat and ice packs, acupuncture, and massage therapy — had made much difference. 

Recommended to explore Body Harmony by a friend, she decided to give it a try. She quickly discovered that it was unlike anything else she had experienced before, and reported that her practitioner seemed to understand intuitively how different areas of her body communicated. He suggested subtle changes to the patient’s posture and movements, and then used gentle manipulation to coax the problematic areas to interact as they should — in  harmony. 

After her first treatment, the client found her back spasms were significantly eased and she could manage any pain by focusing in a more natural and relaxed manner. After two further Body Harmony sessions, her symptoms had gone altogether and she now just enjoys occasional maintenance visits to her practitioner.