case study

Extreme trauma and flashbacks

On the morning of 11 September, 2001, this client was standing near the window of her third-floor Pentagon office when she heard a huge explosion and saw a blanket of fire race through the first-floor area below her. 

She later learned that one of the 9/11 attack aircraft had entered her building immediately below her office, passing within metres of where she was standing.

Afterwards, she relived the complete experience again and again — literally hearing the explosion, feeling the shock wave, and seeing the flames. These replays would overwhelm her, coming upon her without warning and sometimes in an incessant loop — even when she was driving.

Just over three years later, she experienced her first Body Harmony session in Paris and immediately felt a sense of contentment and peace. It was however during the following week that the most profound shift took place: she realised that while she could still vividly recall the detail of what had happened on 9/11, she was no longer physically experiencing  it.

This recalibration of her trauma has continued to this day, and the client went on to become a Body Harmony practitioner after retiring from the US military in 2011.