case study

Aches, pains, and anger

For this client, life was increasingly limited as she had become so absorbed in addressing a range of aches, pains, and other health issues.

At her first Body Harmony session, her practitioner discovered she had an ambivalent relationship with her physical body, holding anger towards some areas of it and the problems being manifested through them.

The practitioner suggested this client play instead with any sensations of gratitude and appreciation she could find, giving thanks for everything her body had done for her so far. She began exploring feelings of gratitude and appreciation while her practitioner worked hands-on, and found her body experiencing substantial release and relief.

After a few more sessions, she remarked to her practitioner that a family member had said — out of the blue — that she seemed less angry than she had been. That was when she began appreciating the shift in emotions Body Harmony had helped her achieve alongside the relief of physical symptoms.