case study

Distress and a bad cough

This client arrived at her Body Harmony practitioner’s door feeling distressed, fragmented, and with a bad cough. She had just spent two days at a workshop hosted by a bodywork modality unconnected with Body Harmony.

In the run-up to this workshop, the client had attended several Body Harmony sessions and had begun enjoying the impact this was having in her life. Indeed, on arrival at the workshop, an acquaintance had commented on how well she was looking.

She was already familiar with this workshop modality, but said this class was taught differently. Instead of taking a ‘transformation approach’ to bodywork, this workshop focused on ‘recipes to fix’ and the client found her body was crying out for something else — or, at the very least, something more than what was being applied.

Her tissue’s calls for help went unheeded, and by the time she saw her Body Harmony practitioner, her energy field had become overactive. It was, the practitioner said, like a group of children had rushed up and were all talking at once, communicating in sensations of bubbles, tugs, and pulsations.

Once the practitioner began listening, it was clear the client’s body knew what it had to do: it had just needed the right environment to make it happen, and the experience served as a reminder that we all have unique systems in which lie truly transformational power.