Body Harmony Workshop, Totnes UK

The Body Harmony Touch

Presented by Body Harmony Association teachers Fiona Withers, Kate Verney and Susy Joy.

This weekend is for anyone with a body! For newcomers and experienced bodyworkers alike. Come and discover the magic of the conscious touch of Body Harmony and the profound transformation it brings about. Touch as healing is as old as the healing arts themselves. It is one of our core languages of connection and is essential to a well-regulated nervous system and to health on all levels.
During this weekend we will delve into the Body Harmony way of touching consciously. This includes the ability to listen in, be with whatever arises and honour the body and its innate wisdom. The Body Harmony touch is one where the practitioner’s hands mould to the contours of the client’s body, imposing nothing, allowing and following the direction the tissues dictate. There is great transformational value in an easy, soft, light touch that can pick up what the body whispers when listened to without judgement or expectation.
“The body of our client holds all the answers within. It’s our job to create a physical climate where that body feels safe enough for the sharing of its secrets.” Dr Don McFarland, Founder of Body Harmony.

Important information:

This weekend forms part of the Body Harmony Association Practitioner training. ​Come and join us – we look forward to welcoming you! For further information please contact: