The gap in my neck

I often rest on my back with my knees up to explore somatic movements.  My favourite includes a slow pelvic rock coordinated with my breath.  I find it so relaxing and helpful I now do it a couple of times a week.
Recently after stretching my calves, I lay down to explore this somatic movement again.  As I relaxed into the movement I stopped in surprise. I’d had a sudden awareness of a spot in my neck the size of a small coin. A strange ‘gap’ feeling in my neck.
Confused, I started the somatic movement again and the ‘gap’ vanished in the sensations of familiarity.  ‘Good’ I thought and continued to flow.

Then I remembered appreciation.  I remembered Body Harmony sessions where great results sometimes arose from simply appreciating what was discovered. I knew I could stop and spend some time with the specifics of whatever this ‘gap’ was.  I thought ‘Why not try? What is the worst that could happen?’.
Slower than before I eased into the movement. And there was the ‘gap’. I slowed to rest in connection with it.  I didn’t know what to else to do so I received and breathed in the sense of it.

I experienced it as a silvery grey gap.

How can something feel ‘silvery grey’?  I don’t know, but staying with the sensation didn’t feel bad.  It felt unknown.  Gradually the relationship transformed into a feeling that I could only find one word for.  The word that felt right.


It felt beautiful.  This beautiful gap in my neck.  I lay there, the unfamiliar and awesome feeling unfolding and expanding. 

As I remember and write this I start to cry. I don’t know why.  They are not tears of sadness and they are not tears of loss.

It’s beauty again.  Beauty, joy and something else.  This time with a runny nose.

A refreshing reminder that I can remember a great somatic experience and benefit from it again.  Thank you Body Harmony.

Hooray for the unfamiliar awesome!

Author: Brendan Allen | Certified Practitioner & Teacher

(For reference:  the somatic exploration referred to above was inspired by Thomas Hanna’s book ‘Somatics – reawakening the mind’s control of movement, flexibility, and health’ and early morning movement explorations at the One Month Body Harmony Retreat in Noosa, Australia.  It also has a lot in common with Meredith Dolan’s Midline Musings’ guided connection practice which is available for free on the Body Harmony Association’s YouTube channel. )