I’m a bit of an oddball

I’m a bit of an oddball.

I remember the founder of Body Harmony, Don McFarland, once saying something like ‘…what we focus on expands….’. 

At times I’ve wondered what he meant. When I focus on ice cream it just disappears.

I am lying on the floor with one knee bent and the sole of my foot flat on the floor. Verbally I’m offering suggestions to a class on how they could explore a particular combination of movements to build awareness and relaxation.

I push the sole of my foot into the floor to create a movement which transmits to my hip. Then I release the pressure and my hip also relaxes back into the ground.

Instead of continuing with the intended sequence of movements, I do it again and ask my body ‘Which way would my head like to move when I do this?’.  I notice there is a preference to move my head a little to the right and then pause.  Then move a bit to the left.  

I follow those attractions with wonder as the preferences of my neck and other parts of my body unfold.  An ache starts in the adductors of my inner leg. I notice the difference between this and other areas and wonder ‘How I can work with this?’. Again. 

‘Again’ because I’ve been struggling with this achy bit a lot recently. I’m tired of working with it. This issue in my tissue.

I breathe into my belly allowing it to balloon and it reminds me of a child’s belly. I am not sure how I got here but the next thing I do is ask ‘How would I be doing this if I was 4 years old?’

My body responds. My pelvis wants to roll around the floor like circuiting the numbers on a clock face.  Preferably a big one in Paris. 

I follow. 

I wriggle.

I feel an impetus to roll my whole core to the left with an effervescent giggle. Then joy. A wonderous white current of joy flows through my belly into my achy adductors.

In the following days I discover I’m taking a different approach to my leg ache and it is improving.  I notice I am appreciating more of the beauty of the world. 

I am also very much looking forward to the upcoming Body Harmony International Event in Spain in May 2024.

Author: Brendan Allen
Practitioner & Teacher