2024 Body Harmony One Month Retreat

Welcome to the 2024 Body Harmony One Month Retreat, guided by experienced teachers Duncan Hogg & Gina Carruthers, with additional support from teacher and practitioner Brendan Allen.

Transform & Embody

If you are seeking an environment that nurtures personal transformation, allowing you to shed unwanted habits and embrace what truly matters to you, then our Body Harmony One Month Retreat is perfect for you. 

What to expect:

  • Improved function (breathing, walking, digesting, thinking, sensing)
  • Improved regulation of your nervous system
  • Beneficial postural transformation
  • Increased awareness and mindful observation
  • Increased sense of wellbeing and facility
  • Improved bodywork soft tissue skills and touch development

We begin the day with awareness exercises: meditation-movement-breathing exercises that build as the retreat progresses. Each segment has a portion of the day emphasising how to read the postures of emotional issues within oneself and others. Each day involves hands-on components where participants rotate between being client and practitioner.

Class hours:

  • Early Morning Breath and Movement Session – 6:30 am – 7:30 am
  • Morning Session – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Afternoon Session – 1:45 pm – 4:30 pm

Three Participation Options

3 days

8th Sept - 10th Sept
$ 660
  • Ideal for those seeking a taste of the work without committing to the longer formats. These three days will introduce you to the basics of Body Harmony. Please note that spaces are limited. Contact Duncan with any questions. Class time: 20 hours.
  • Early bird ends May 15th
  • $375 deposit

One Month

8th Sept - 8th Oct
$ 4395
  • For those seeking a comprehensive and transformative experience our One Month option provides a profound journey through Body Harmony. This extended retreat is ideal for individuals committed to both personal growth and gaining in-depth knowledge of the practice. A limited amount of on-site, luxury accommodation is available at reduced rates for participants of this full Month option at Alaya Verde B&B. A limited number of camping options also exist in the grounds of Alaya Verde.
  • Early bird ends May 15th
  • $375 deposit

11 days

8th Sept - 20th Sept
$ 2195
  • If you wish to delve deeper into the practice and enhance your wellbeing, but prefer a shorter commitment, this option is designed for you. Immerse yourself in the technical learning aspects while experiencing the continuous benefits of stress reducing, liberating bodywork in the unique Body Harmony style. The course consists of 3 blocks of in-class sessions, the second and third blocks lasting four days, with a day-long break between each block.
  • Early bird ends May 15th
  • $375 deposit

Amazing location - Alaya Verde

Alaya Verde is a privately owned 42 acre Noosa hinterland retreat and the location of the One Month Body Harmony Retreat. It is located approximately 15 minutes drive north-west of central Noosa.

Participants have the additional benefits of being on the doorstep of one of Australia’s most unspoilt natural settlements, Noosa. With the iconic beaches, the Noosa River & Lakes, and everything else that the Noosa Shire has to offer – it’s a paradise found.

Meet the teachers

Duncan Hogg – Duncan Hogg has an extensive background in teaching and practising Body Harmony®. He is currently the longest standing Body Harmony teacher in the world and has presented and organised classes in 13 different countries over the last 39 years. He is the director of Health In Perspective Pty Ltd, current president of the BHA, and the director of the Alaya Verde retreat in Queensland, Australia. Duncan studied and collaborated extensively with the late Dr Don McFarland, – the founder of Body Harmony – until his passing in 2015. Duncan is a father, a grandfather and continues to be blessed by a wonderful and fulfilling marriage to his wife and life partner Gina Carruthers.

Gina Carruthers BSc – Gina Carruthers has a background in psychology, nature based healing, and wellness. Her background in Body Harmony® runs over 4 decades, sharing a close working collaboration with the founder, Dr Don McFarland. Her continued enthusiasm stems from the value Body Harmony has provided over those years. Gina is an experienced practitioner and teacher, offering valuable feedback, insight and support. Gina is the director of Health In Perspective Pty Ltd and the owner/director of Alaya Verde retreat where the program is held in Queensland, Australia.

Got any questions? Please get in touch