‘You May Remember the Last Blog from Fiona’


You may remember the last blog from Fiona, if not, do read it as it is a great blog to read. In it Fiona asked some of us about our thoughts on how Body Harmony may impact our lives. Here were my words….
“Body Harmony is absolutely a part of my daily life. Being present with what I’m
doing in the moment, not wanting to change things for the sake of changing but for
the sake of presence, of beauty and love.”

I wished I could say that this is so all of the time, but it’s not. Right now I don’t want to be present in this ever-ongoing lockdown, this constant pressure of vaccination, this over and over mulling of what he, she, they did. The Dutch are very good at going into discussion about everything, the weather being the least interesting at the moment.

It’s not so obvious to be present in the here and now enjoying beauty and love and yet, in this lockdown there may not be much more for me to do. And I definitely would want to change things for the sake of changing, experiencing something else, for instance booking luscious places to go to for the next Body Harmony Retreat where we would all meet to come back into our bodies….
Or what about just giving sessions person to person instead of doing it virtually?!

So we walk and we watch the river rise and swell, overflowing, washing away this Corona thing, Corona go away.
And we dance, watching the rhythms overtaking our stiff bones and becoming more fluid again, dancing away this corona thing, Corona go away.

This blog is about nothing and yet, it’s about future possibilities, about intentions and about not giving up and giving in, about putting my attention again on beauty and love, being present with what is…

It’s quiet in this moment – a nice place to be……..

In transformation, collaboration and harmony,

Barbara van Stek

Body Harmony Teacher/Practitioner (Zutphen, The Netherlands)