Upcoming Body Harmony practitioner online support meetings!!

Announcing the upcoming BHA Practitioner online support meetings!

It is with great pleasure that we inform our practitioner members know about the upcoming online meetings. These will to be held every second month for 2019. Each meeting will to be held by two Body Harmony association teachers with a theme for each meeting. We intend to let you know ahead of time who will be holding each meeting and what the themes will be.

Invitations to participate will be emailed to practitioners every third meeting with the schedule for the next three meetings with dates, times, themes and teachers involved. If you would like to participate in the first such online practitioner support meetings, please email with a request to join the meeting. An email will be sent to you with the login details to join a Zoom meeting. Questions from practitioners will be invited at the time of emailing so that we have them before each meeting to consider our responses. There will also be time during each meeting for spontaneous questions and answers. Questions can be submitted via a written format during the meeting on Zoom. These questions can be addressed at the end of the meeting.

Meetings will be one hour in duration. Recorded on Zoom software for use at a later stage by the association and all participants will receive a link to listen to the meeting again if they choose.

Practitioners will also receive a reminder email invitation a week before each meeting. Priority will be given to teachers that are teaching at present and also practicing. To start off Gina Carruthers and Duncan Hogg will guide the first meeting and the theme is, ‘Finding Creativity in Your Practice’. Teachers can be paired together to help with language issues. These will be worked out as we see who wishes to attend each meeting.

The meetings for this year will occur in May, July, September and November. The first meeting commences May 26. We will continue the series until the last Sunday in the months referred to above.

If you wish to attend the upcoming first meeting please email for you attendance. An email regarding all the attendance details will be sent to you a week before the meeting.

In Collaboration, Transformation and Harmony

Management Committee of the Body Harmony Association Inc.