Diving Deep – Whole Body Solutions – Bristol, UK

A Body Harmony weekend with
Duncan Hogg and Gina Carruthers from Australia

This weekend is for anyone who would like to feel better in their body and/or expand their existing bodywork skills.
No experience necessary.

On this weekend Duncan and Gina will start to unfold a specific 10 step sequence of Body Harmony treatments they developed and refined over many years of collaboration with Dr Don McFarland, founder of Body Harmony.

We will explore how to apply this whole body sequence, without imposition or compromise to the fundamental qualities of acceptance, non-judgement and accurate, compassionate, active listening of the Body Harmony touch.

This work broadens the scope of what can be addressed in a Body Harmony session for everyone involved. It offers a whole new range of possibilities for bodywork skills.

Between them Duncan and Gina have over 50 years experience as Body Harmony teachers: http://www.healthinperspective.org/

Duncan and Gina will be available for sessions in Bristol on Monday July 10th. Contact Susy on +44(0)7790132797 to book.

This weekend forms part of the Body Harmony Association Practitioner training. ​Come and join us – we look forward to welcoming you! For further information please fill in the form or contact one of us directly.