Something about Something by Meredith Dolan

I am about 8 days into a 14 day Body Harmony retreat and I am on the table being touched with the gentle hands and guidance of my dedicated practitioners. I feel safe.

My tissue is dissolving from habitual patterns of defence. Each day of the event has softened me more and more.

The luxury of taking time and space to allow the intelligence within my body to surface has captured my curiosity.

I am a witness to my process and I am an active participant all at the same time.
My intentions for each session are building on each other, creating and establishing a sense of wellness, vitality and wholesomeness. I feel like I am beginning to shimmer.

As I watch with open attention to my internal sensations I can sense my nervous system gaining resilience and coherence. I am tracking and stalking something interesting within me.
I see an experience from the past coming to life as if watching a 3D image come into focus.

“What’s happening Meredith?” my practitioner murmurs to me in a tone that is so sweet, like a lullaby reminding me I am not alone. “I’m not sure, something is coming to life within me, ” I murmur back.

Together we need to go slowly so as not to fracture an emerging pattern. Breath, wait, rest, slowly slowly does it. A soft tension builds subtly in my tissue. I am reminded again by the touch of innocent hands that I am not alone with this.

A past event that had caused me confusion arises in my awareness, subtle threads and elements that were not available to me then, now, in this present time become available. Forgotten resources gain new life.

“I’m gathering something about something, I am understanding something ,” I say.
I don’t know exactly what.

What is so delightful about this moment is that I don’t need to know, it is beyond words and intellect yet intellect is included.

As the session comes to a completion my body is relaxed, my mind is alert, I am filled with a deep sense of peace.

Without rush or activation I take my new experience for a walk and acquaint myself with present time and space, people in the room, an ease of movement and dare I say a Grace within my tissue.

As I share my experience with my fellow practitioners I realise that I have just gathered something profound and beyond words and applied it to something that was just waiting patiently to be noticed, included and healed.

My journey to wholeness just took a giant step.
I love this about Body Harmony.

Love Meredith