I sometimes don’t remember how Body Harmony has changed me.

Early in May 2020, one afternoon I walked down to the beach and went for a sunset swim. This was at a time when the coronavirus had already claimed over 260 thousand lives globally. The unemployment statistics in Australia were skyrocketing as businesses failed in the economic chaos. I wondered how many families and dreams would be torn apart by the impacts of this pandemic.

The water was cold as I tried to bravely wade out into the ocean. A little self-conscious as the only other people on the beach were standing not far away, wearing warm jumpers and talking quietly while their dog explored the scattered gifts of the last high tide.

Do you know the feeling when you are sure people are looking at you and thinking ‘Well that person is a bit of an idiot’ ?

Yes, I had that feeling.

The cold water was a shock and I found myself breathing very quickly, as though that in some way would make my patch of the ocean warmer.

But within 2 minutes of paddling I actually started to enjoy the coolness. Also the setting sun’s rays lit the underneath of a vast cloud bank in fiery gold.

I bobbed in the waves and wondered if sharks were around. I then thought:

I wonder how the sharks feel about the economic downturn?

A big smile spread across my face.

Then I felt it. A subtle feeling like I was wearing a jacket that was too small for me. I felt I could enjoy this moment a little, but that this is a time for being grim and sad. Don’t be too joyous.

Before Body Harmony I would not have noticed this experience.

I chose to breathe with the sensations, to soften and to let it go. I felt so much better and left the water relaxed, expanded and happy.

Walking back up the hill I saw homes with their lights on and spontaneously felt a flow of grief through my chest as I wondered about families suffering loss of life and other problems. It was as if the expansion of my joy had also created more space in my heart to naturally care for other people.

So wherever you are I hope you are well. May your sadness and joys flow free, and may you find your way through these times with good spirit.

I hope the sharks are okay too.

Yours in harmony,

">Brendan Allen
Body Harmony teacher, Canberra.