Thoughts from a fledgling mermaid

Ten years ago, I was in recovery following bodged life-saving surgery which almost killed me. I was exhausted, depressed and, although I didn’t know it then, I was struggling with medical PTSD.

My partner at the time introduced me to a Body Harmony practitioner. I thought, being mostly a woman of science, that it sounded a bit “woo” but my partner was persuasive and I was desperate.

So,the practitioner came to my house and asked me to walk up and down while she posed questions and offered invitations to me to think and walk in “other” ways and I thought she was mad. Once on the table I was somewhat intrigued how a gentle touch on my shoulder seemed to start a conversation between my left little toe and my right hip but I told myself I was becoming infected by the “woo”. Almost an hour later and my consciousness was being flooded by a mix of memories from my past -flashes of hospital and family and lovers past and I could actually see the beginnings of connections between certain life events, my illness, my depression and my recovery. Obviously, I began to trust and took further sessions.

A year or so later I was invited to a weekend of learning Body Harmony. By now, I was used to the sensation of gentle rewiring of the mind and body’s connections and the conversations between my left little toe and my right hip (and all the other parts). I was not, however, prepared for the sensational work that was to follow. I felt as if we were mer-people, surfing the waves of fascia and then amoeba, sharing in the cosmic soup as we divide and evolve and learn and grow; and then aware of our place in everything and all the potential for health and happiness; and then back to surfing and back to me. Woah!

I’ve been hooked, and healing and learning, ever since. Last month, I practised on two friends –I’ll call them Alice and Simon. Alice was burnt out and worried about her job which she loves. Simon has complex health issues which I didn’t go into because I’m not a medical practitioner, I just know because he’s my friend. Alice sobbed during our session and after said she’d gained total clarity as to what she needs to do to maintain her work/life balance (this was about six weeks ago and she is continuing with the changes she’s made). Simon has had a skin condition for years, a few days after our session it cleared up. He said he has made no changes to diet and lifestyle and now wants more sessions. I don’t know if the work we did had such an immediate effect but I do know my body listened to their bodies and we danced and surfed together and I came away from both sessions feeling fantastic. I love the way we receive every bit as much as we give.

I’ve yet to find a way to talk about it that doesn’t sound a little “woo” but then magic is really only science that we don’t yet understand, right?

Author: Tig Savage