Body Awareness and Listening

Have you noticed what it feels like when someone really listens?
What happens inside your body?
What does it feel like when you’re listening, with every cell of your being?

Hi… I’m Manjit (Man-Jeet) and I recently attended my first Body Harmony
Association workshop (Module 1) with Dale Poole in Perth, Western Australia. One
of the reasons I took the class was to be in a structured and inquiry-based
environment to enhance my listening skills.

I believe that listening is one skill that can always be strengthened if you are working
as a coach, healer, bodyworker, or any sort of care worker. I also know the
difference it makes in my clients’ lives when I really listen. It can take a coaching
session from a good experience to expanding the client into infinite possibilities.

For me, when someone listens, it is like bathing in love. Some of the most exquisite
experiences in my life have been when someone has truly listened.

I have also experienced listening to be incredibly healing, magical that opens a realm
of infinite possibilities. For me it is true kindness and caring.

Listening in a coaching container is more than hearing the words someone is saying. It is listening to the unspoken, unheard, unacknowledged, unexpressed and often unknown to the person you’re working with.

As a professional coach, a lot of my work requires me to be super present with my
client so that a simple gesture, even a subtle movement, to tracking shifting energy,
posture, tone, speed of talking/moving and how connected the client is to their
words, are all ways of listening.

And then there is listening from the space of consciousness where questions, words,
wisdom and guidance exist.

I find this level of listening unlocks doors to the impossible. Gives life to a magic that
goes beyond the everyday. Allows miracles to be normal.

I desire to fine tune my listening skills into an art. Mastering the delicate layers to
enable a deeper, fulfilling and nourishing space for my clients to feel safe, held and

One way that seems to strengthen my presence and listening skills, and invites me
to become more and more attuned, is by working and learning from bodies. When
we create safety and presence together and connect with our nervous systems, our
bodies start to listen. I find this level of awareness and listening has a realm of its

I absolutely love love love body work. It is such an integral part of my daily life. I have
found working with body processes adds so much more depth and listening, and
from an even more curious place to my coaching container. It invites me to
comfortably play with energy and creates flow within my sessions.

The gift of listening was woven into every interaction, every touch, every exercise,
over the 5 day workshop. After completing these 5 days I have brought more
presence, kindness, consciousness and awareness to my coaching sessions….

Thank you Dale Poole for being an awesome teacher. The wisdom continues to
unwind in my world.

What else is possible??

">Manjit Khalsa
Manjit Khalsa is a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach from Perth, Western Australia.