Attention and Intention

She said not long ago: Hi lovely…howzit going? Life, the universe and your blog?

I joked: Well, right on track, procrastinating right along!

Attention and intention…

Place your attention on something in front of you.
Take a deep breath in and exhale while being with that something.
Intend to be really there with it, explore how it would feel to be that something, take another deep breath and exhale and place your attention on your body.

Intend to be really in your body, feeling and exploring what it feels like to be in your body.
Then alternate a few times between having your attention on that “something” and having your attention on and in your body…
How do you feel after completing this exercise, how does it feel to gather your attention consciously?
Personally I feel more present and focused and when I feel more present I can more easily attend to my intention of writing this blog. Having a short and scattered attention span will not help much while having an intention of doing something that needs some focused attention.

When we see a client during a Body Harmony session we ask if they want to set an intention for their session. When I’m present and have my attention fully with the client, it can show almost straight away if their intention is already somewhat embodied or still way out there, which could mean that their attention still needs gathering towards their intention.

Having had excellent results myself using focused attention while stating an intention I wish that for my clients as well. One way is to ask questions to clarify their intention and so help focus their attention. Or do the short attention exercise together which I started out with. I’m curious to learn about more ways of how to use intention and attention…

Intend your path to wellness and change, give it enough attention and energy and it can be a transformative experience that has lasting benefits.

After having procrastinated long enough I finally intended to focus my attention to write this blog, I must say I feel a lot better for having done it!

Yours in collaboration, transformation and harmony,

Barbara Van Stek – Body Harmony Teacher, Netherlands.